5 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Think about Visiting Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the World and is made up of 54 independent countries. If you wanted to explore the whole continent properly, it would take years to do so. However, if you are ever in Africa there are some things that you really must try out. Below you will find five great reasons why you should think about paying a visit to Africa.


Fascinating Safaris

One of the things that makes Africa, particularly South Africa, so well-known around the globe is its wildlife. On this continent you can witness the impressive wildebeest migration from Tanzania to Kenya (or vice versa), or travel down Botswana’s Okavango Delta in traditional canoes to get up close to crocodiles and hippos. You can try and spot the Big 5 (leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino) while driving around South Africa’s Kruger National Park or the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. You can get up close to gorillas in Uganda or track rhinos by foot in Namibia. In short, if you love animals, then Africa is definitely the place to visit.

Beautiful Scenery

The size of Africa and its topography means that there is a plethora of beautiful sceneries and landscapes across the land. From the mountains and surfable waves of Cape Town, to the sand dunes in Namibia, to the Zanzibar’s tropical beaches, the natural landscapes that you will encounter will leave you speechless. The variety does not stop here though as there are the thundering Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Lesotho’s snowy slopes, the Sahara Desert, Lake Malawi, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. All of the above helps to make Africa one of the most beautiful continents on Earth.

Diverse Cultures

You can find different cultures spread out all over Africa and even in one country. For instance, in South Africa, there are no fewer than 11 official languages. With so many different cultures to discover, there are countless possibilities to learn something new and interesting as well as explore some ancient traditions. For example, the Masai Mara tribes that you can find in Tanzania and Kenya are fierce warriors that follow a nomadic way of life, while there is a heavy Arab influence in countries in the north. Music plays a big role in African cultures and is often linked with religious beliefs, traditional customs, and important rituals.


Stunning Architecture

Egypt’s pyramids are some of the most well-known pieces of architecture in the world. Apart from pyramids, there are plenty of other interesting architecture that you can admire too. For instance, the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco attracts visitors due to the fact that the houses are painted in different shades of blue. In Johannesburg you can find modern architecture that shows the innovative aspect of this city, while in Ethiopia you can find medieval churches that tell stories of former emperors and kingdoms.

Delicious Food

We probably do not need to tell you that different parts of Africa have different traditional dishes that you should try out while you are visiting. Countries in the North of the continent have Mediterranean-style dishes, while cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town have a wide variety of restaurants that offer tasty dishes from all over the world. Whenever you are in a new African country, ask the locals what some traditional dishes are and do yourself a favor and give them a try.